Dicky Stickies


Make your next party unforgettable with this hilarious party dare checklist.
Dicky-Stickies are the perfect party game for your next bachelorette party,
birthday party, bridal shower, or hen party.
Act out amusing dares and knock backyour favorite drinks while all partygoers
participate in outrageously entertaining and sometimes naughty antics!

Here some of the dares:

  • Say something dirty to a stranger
  • Moonwalk, break dance, or do the robot across the room.
  • Try and catch the eye of a guy, lick your lips seductively and wink at him.
  • Ask a guyat the bar with a fresh beer if you can lick the head off the top.
  • Get a guy to give you a piggy back ride around the room
  • Fake a very vocal orgasm out loud!