Don't Watch Fifty Shades of Grey - The Eight Sexiest Movies of all Time

By Richard Parker
on June 30, 2017

So the hotly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey has now passed, and the DVD is gathering dust on many a TV shelf - leaving many viewers feeling rather deflated.  Still it's makers Universal are laughing all the way to the bank, grossing over $500 million - not bad considering it only cost $40 milion to make!

If you are one of the deflated Fifty Shades movie goers then instead of wading into it's aesthetically shallow waters, why not dive impetuously into the history of movie where things can really get intense and hot? So save yourself from the gloom of Christian Grey and his corny panoplies.

These are the eight sexiest of the movies of all times;

  1.  Bitter Moon (1992)

The much criticized thriller of Bitter Moon by Roman Polanski unfolds a story within a story. On a lavish cruise, a malevolent paraplegic corners an affluent English tourist and delineates the rise and fall of the most twisted love affair, which develops for us in flashbacks. The love affair concerned here is something like Henry Miller being told by Marquis de Sade, nevertheless, its intensity while at times troubling, is however overwhelmingly hot. 

  1. The Secretary (2002)

A super sexy and funny movie about a bdsm relationship between E. Edward Grey (James Spader) and his self harming Secretary, Lee Holloway played by Maggie Gyllenhall.  A tense and at times hilarious romp ensues where ultimately Lee is freed of her self harming past. Romantic and utterly believable, it really knocks spots off Fifty Shades.

  1. In The Cut (2008)

In The Cut stands to be quite far from the most revered movie made by Jane Campion, yet its libidinous and lurid style makes it a memorable one. Meg Ryan, surprises the audiences and critics, gives quite a candid performance indeed, casting herself into a love affair with Mark Ruffalo that soon escalates from provocative to something really very intense.

  1. Identification of a Woman (1982)

One of the final features presented by the Italian maven Michelangelo Antonioni, the little-watched Identification of a Woman stands to be a mysterious and often a tough film about desire and relationships-a self-styled “anti-romance” best remembered for the forthrightness of sexuality on show. 

  1. Don’t Look Now (1973)

Don’t Look Now of Nicolas Roeg stands to be a masterpiece for the reason that it has simply got nothing to do with sex, however, you would be careless to leave the film off the roll all the same. The key feature is a love-making scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie that at the time was completely naturalistic and graphic and still stays one of the couple of most infamous love-making scenes ever.

  1. Mulholland Dr (2001)

 It takes more than one and half an hour for the story of Mulholland Dr. to even unfold itself as the tale of one woman in love and another woman falling out of it, yet the complete story feels so electrifying with the sexual possibility. The love-making scene per se merits its infamy.

  1. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

John (Mikey O'Rouke) and Elizabeth (Kim Bassinger) meet in a chance encounter and embark on an experimental erotic relationship, led by John but initially at least willingly entered into by Elizabeth. With some classic erotic scenes like the one where John blindfolds her and then proceeds to feed and tease her her all kinds of foods and ice cubes, it builds tension slowly throughout.  The film turns darker as their relationship reaches thresholds that Eilizabeth is not sure she want's to cross.

  1. Last Tango in Paris

Maria Schneider plays Jeanne, a girl engaged to an annoying filmmaker, Tom (Jean-Pierre Leaud), who goes to view an apartment in Paris. There she chances upon Paul (played by Marlon Brando), an American expatriate whose wife has taken her own life. 

The pair have a passionate affair knowing nothing about one another.  They engage in some steamy scenes, the most famous of which involves Schneider face down on the apartment floor while Brando uses butter for a purpose it was certainly not intended.


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Great British Sex Survey - Channel 4

By Twit Twoo
on February 26, 2016

Whether it was at all accurate or not the Great British Sex Survey (Channel 4 last night) proved somewhat entertaining in at least as much as it revealed some of the more bizarre kinks and fetishes in the UK; Phil with his baby doll wife who he takes everywhere, a man who enjoys put his privates into a glass full of worms, maggots or other insects and a man who wore some pretty incredible blow up latex suits making him look like a shiny Michelin Man.

If you didn't see it then here is a summary of the top ten kinks and fetishes revealed by the survey.  Provided so you can save yourself the 90 minutes and do something more productive (maybe have sex!).  Most popular first;

1. Sex Toys - essentially vibrators

2. Taking and sending nude selfies.

3. BDSM - bondage, spanking - fifty shades and all that.

4. Fetishes to do with body parts - mainly feet.

5. Threesomes - including tips of how not to do it!

6. Uniforms - nurses concluding that their uniforms are not sexy!

7. Humiliation  - demonstrated in a hilarious scene where a guy chooses to be humiliated in public by having to wear a sort of chastity belt that delivers electric shocks under his clothes. 

8. Watersports - fortunately demonstrated by little cartoon characters!

9. Cross Dressing for Sex

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Don't Watch Fifty Shades of Grey - The Eight Sexiest Movies of all Time

June 30, 2017

So the hotly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey has now passed, and the DVD is gathering dust on many...

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