Naughty Night Play Kit


The Naughty Night Play Kit is a choice of three of the most popular, romantic and naughty products of our range of well known brands.

Perfect for any occasion as Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Wedding or simply for couples who want to have a playful night of naughty fun .

Play the erotic dare dice game to start the fun.

  • Do This..
  • To My..
  • And Do It..


Roll the dice and see what they will be doing, to which part of you, and how.

Tickle your lover into submission with the gorgeously soft red feather tickler included in the kit to produce the most amazing skin tingling sensations.

Add a twist of surprise and anticipation to sex with the red, soft to the touch blindfold also included in the kit. Let the un-masked partner take control while the masked partner's other senses are heightened for a sensual experience.

For Couples Who Like Naughty Fun!