I.O.U. The Game Of Hidden Pleasures


Who needs a post it note when you've got Naughty IOU's!  This cheeky gift is sure to spice up your love life.
Simply pull out one of the IOU tab cards and hide it in your lover's coat pocket, laptop case or anywhere they won't find it straight away.

When they find it it won't be immediately obvious what's inside, so imagine their excitement when they pull the tab and discover your hidden IOU.  You will also get a surprise when they come home and show you what is on the card!

 Includes a total of 42 IOU's! 

Example IOU's:

  • Playful Ice-cube fun
  • Dinner Served Naked
  • Erotic Bedtime Story


  Immensely popular & fun gift that all couples can enjoy, whether straight, gay, young or old.  Perfect for any occasion.