A Year of Creative Games For Lovers


A Year of Creative Games for Lovers is the romantic game that keeps on giving all year long. This box of games includes 52 activities and props for a unique adventure each weekend of the year.

In the box you'll find:

  • Game book
  • Timer
  • Naughty poker deck
  • 26 sex tip cards for her
  • 26 sex tip cards for him
  • 2 heads or tails game coins
  • Satin blindfold
  • 2 Dice

With all these accessories, you can play games like Casting Couch, Cards of Love, Boxcar Willie, Sexy Stranger, Mimic the Movie, Two Truths and a Lie, Strip Poker and many more.


 Play these games with your lover to enhance intimacy and have creative, uninhibited sex. Makes a great anniversary or wedding gift as it helps you look forward to the year ahead together.