Whether it was at all accurate or not the Great British Sex Survey (Channel 4 last night) proved somewhat entertaining in at least as much as it revealed some of the more bizarre kinks and fetishes in the UK; Phil with his baby doll wife who he takes everywhere, a man who enjoys put his privates into a glass full of worms, maggots or other insects and a man who wore some pretty incredible blow up latex suits making him look like a shiny Michelin Man.

If you didn't see it then here is a summary of the top ten kinks and fetishes revealed by the survey.  Provided so you can save yourself the 90 minutes and do something more productive (maybe have sex!).  Most popular first;

1. Sex Toys - essentially vibrators

2. Taking and sending nude selfies.

3. BDSM - bondage, spanking - fifty shades and all that.

4. Fetishes to do with body parts - mainly feet.

5. Threesomes - including tips of how not to do it!

6. Uniforms - nurses concluding that their uniforms are not sexy!

7. Humiliation  - demonstrated in a hilarious scene where a guy chooses to be humiliated in public by having to wear a sort of chastity belt that delivers electric shocks under his clothes. 

8. Watersports - fortunately demonstrated by little cartoon characters!

9. Cross Dressing for Sex